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The Larson Magnalight SPLED-5 LED solar-powered area light, top view.
The Larson Magnalight SPLED-5 LED solar-powered area light, bottom view.

Larson Electronics' announces the SPLED-5 solar-powered area light with rechargeable 12 hour run time battery. The SPLED-5 LED light can be surface mounted or fixed to a pole or rail. The 8-watt solar panel powers a 5-watt LED light that dims and brightens automatically based on an integrated motion detector. An integrated day and night sensor will trigger the light to come on in dim mode once the ambient light reaches a low lumens threshold, like late evening or dusk.

Featuring a motion detector and low light sensor, the SPLED-5 solar powered LED light is designed to provide small area illumination. During daylight hours the 8-watt solar panel recharges the internal lithium ion batteries. At night time, the 5-watt LED solar light will provide 12 hours of low illumination over 200 square feet. Once someone approaches the lit area, the integrated motion detector will increase the intensity of the LED light in the same area.

At high intensity, users can expect 8 hours of illumination. Measuring 16 inches by 13 inches, the solar powered LED light can be surface mounted or attached to a pole or rail.

In high illumination mode, its output easily matches the output from a 175-watt metal halide fixture or a 500-watt incandescent.

"This solar powered, rechargeable LED light is ideal for operators who need a reasonable amount of illumination in areas where access to established electric power is limited or costly to implement," said Rob Bresnahan with Larson Electronics' "From a commercial standpoint, job site security, remote utility locations and other temporary or low access areas are ideal applications for the SPLED-5 solar powered, rechargeable LED light. Plus, there is the added benefit of high vibration tolerance on no maintenance related to re-lamping. For the consumer, we see similar applications around the home, dock and boat, where utilities are not readily available. Instead of paying an electrician to run wiring and install a light, consumers can simply bolt this light in place and be done with it. There is no wiring to run and no voltage to worry about.

"In our military sector, we see opportunities for mobile security, checkpoint lighting and other areas where it makes sense to quickly install area lighting without the need for technical support. With a list price of $456.00, operators return on investment will be immediate, since the operators don't need to pay an electrical contractor or change bulbs."

Larson Electronics offers a wide array of LED lighting on, ranging from low voltage LED lighting for vehicles and equipment to explosion proof LED lights. Learn more about Larson Electronics at or contact 1-800-369-6671 (1-903-498-3363 international).

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