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Milwaukee M18 FUEL Compact Pipe ThreaderPipe Tools

Milwaukee M18 FUEL Compact Pipe Threader

Milwaukee Tool has, once again, set the standard in the pipe threading process with the M18 FUEL™ Compact Pipe Threader w/ ONE-KEY™, delivering the lightest weight and most controlled threading experience in the industry.

With its compact design, AUTOSTOP™ kickback control, and M18™ FUEL technology*, this threader gives contractors the portability, control, and productivity they need to thread up to 1-¼" pipe.

“When we launched the industry's first cordless pipe threader in 2019, it was a monumental statement of the M18™ System’s capabilities and a huge step forward in jobsite productivity,” said Alex Boll, Director of Product Management for Milwaukee Tool.

“Now we have leveraged the power of M18™ to design the industry’s lightest cordless solution, optimized for jobs with several smaller pipe size connections, reducing the strain on the contractor and unlocking productivity.”

Up to 40% lighter than other cordless threading solutions, the M18 FUEL™ Compact Pipe Threader w/ ONE-KEY™ features a compact design that delivers unrivaled portability and allows contractors to thread in tight spaces.

Delivering the most controlled threading experience, the threader comes with a support arm that not only resists the torque of threading and holds the tool steady during operation, but enables the tool to be used without a pipe stand. AUTOSTOP™ technology senses severe kickback and will automatically shut off the tool, providing enhanced safety while threading. The dual-sided die head locking interface secures the die head into the tool and, in combination with the side-grip, eliminates the need to touch the spinning die head.

The M18 FUEL™ Compact Pipe Threader w/ ONE-KEY™ comes with Milwaukee’s new compact NPT Forged Aluminum die heads, ranging from ½" to 1-¼". The die heads are forged from military grade aluminum and are up to 50% lighter, reducing the weight of the tool during transportation and creating a balanced, ergonomic solution during use.

As an added benefit, users can track, manage, and secure the threader from their mobile device through ONE-KEY™,** the industry’s largest Bluetooth® community tracking network. If the threader is ever lost or stolen, ONE-KEY™ provides the ability to prevent tampering with remote lockout capability.

Milwaukee is committed to improving productivity by providing performance-driven and trade-focused solutions so users can perform an entire day’s work on one battery system. The M18 FUEL™ Compact Pipe Threader w/ ONE-KEY™ is fully compatible with the entire M18™ line, now offering more than 200 power tool solutions.