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Simpson Strong-Tie Structural-Connector Nails

Simpson Strong-Tie now offers Strong-Drive structural-connector nails that have been designed as a pneumatically driven alternative to hand-driven nails.

The Strong-Drive 33° SCN Smooth-Shank nails and 33° SCNR Ring-Shank Connector nails are approved for use with Simpson Strong-Tie connectors and serve as replacements for 8d, 10d and 16d common hand-driven nails.

These collated structural-connector nails are available in several sizes and coatings for installations in a variety of connector applications and environments, including interior, exterior, dry-service or corrosive.

“We really strive to listen to our customers and design products that meet their needs for a wide variety of applications and environments. This is a great example. These structural-connector nails have been engineered to be compatible with the Simpson Strong-Tie line of structural connectors,” said Dr. Ed Sutt, vice president of Fastening Systems. “The addition of these collated nails to our line of Strong-Drive fasteners gives our customers an even more comprehensive selection of stainless steel, hot-dip galvanized, bright and electro-galvanized collated nails.”

Key features include:

  • Full round head with embossed identifiers on both SCN and SCNR Connector nails for easy recognition on the jobsite
  • SCN Smooth-Shank Connector nails are available in bright, hot-dip galvanized and electro-galvanized
  • SCNR Ring-Shank Connector nails are available in Type-316 stainless steel, and are the best choice for achieving maximum load values when used with Simpson Strong-Tie stainless-steel connectors and provide the highest corrosion resistance
  • Both are available in paper-collated strips and are compatible with popular pneumatic nailing systems.

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