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STINGER CN100 Cap NailerPower Nailers & Staplers

Power Nailers & Staplers: STINGER CN100 Cap Nailer

The STINGER CN100 Cap Nailer is a "best practice" tool for securing synthetic underlayments, roofing felt, and housewrap.

Fast, consistent, and maneuverable, this high-production tool delivers the holding power of a cap and nail, and passes 2012 ICC Building Codes. A key feature is a tool-free depth adjustment.

Weighing less than 5 pounds, the CN100 is lightweight and shoots up to 5 cap nails per second; and with a fastener capacity of 200 caps and nails, fewer reloads are required.

The CN100 is designed for use with the 1” STINGER NailPac only. Each 2000 count NailPac includes 10 rolls of 200 full 1” plastic collated caps and 10 coils of 200 1” full round head electro-galvanized ring shank wire collated nails, and covers approximately 25 square.