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Material Handling: Snorkel Aerial Work Platforms

The Snorkel SPM20 self-propelled mast lift is a low cost, compact mast lift with 20ft platform height. Skid steer, simple controls and weighs less than 1,900lbs. Enhanced design for 2011 includes a sequencing wire rope system for smoother elevation and descent.Snorkel defines personal access as compact, portable lifts, generally designed to be used by one person and mainly for interior applications at heights under 40 feet. Low-level access is defined as machines under 12 feet platform height and weighing less than 1,800 lbs.

David Smith, President of Snorkel North America, said: "We believe that low level access will undergo major growth in North America, as more and more people swap podiums and stepladders for lightweight, compact aerial lifts. And when it comes to smaller, lighter, more agile machines for working at lower heights, Snorkel now has the best product portfolio in the industry."

Lightweight, compact lifts are a perfect fit with the 'Mom & Pop' rental store ethos; relatively low-cost lifts that deliver an excellent return on investment.

"Snorkel believes in providing the same level of support and service to a customer who buys one lift a year, as a customer who buys one thousand," added Smith.

Furthermore, Snorkel's partnership with Pop-Up is breaking new ground in North America. Pop-Up's award-winning range of push-around scissor lifts is now in wide use with global contractors working in the UK, with close to 6,000 units in the field. The majority of Pop-Ups are sold to rental companies, some of whom reported a return on investment in the first year of ownership. The benefits of using push-around mast lifts are already understood; the Pop-Up range brings the same safety and productivity benefits to lower level access.

All machines have Snorkel's key engineering principles at their core, ensuring low total ownership costs - robust, 'rental-tough' design; simple to use; simple and low cost to maintain:

Pop-Up PUSH Series push-around scissor lifts

New to the US market, the Pop-Up PUSH series deliver the safety and productivity benefits of push-around lifts into the low-level access sector for the first time, with platform heights of 6ft, 8ft and 10ft. The lightweight PUSH series was developed through feedback from major contractors, to ensure it can withstand tough job sites. More than 6,000 Pop-Up lifts have now been sold worldwide.

Snorkel TM12 self-propelled mast lift

The original mast lift, the TM12 fits through a standard internal door and is light enough to travel in a passenger elevator. With a platform height of 12ft, it has an extremely rigid mast for platform stability. Proven over more than a decade, the TM12 is popular with rental companies and contractors for its versatility, all-steel chassis and "rental-tough" design.

Snorkel XT24SD towable scissor lift

A unique, 24ft towable scissor lift with friction drive assist – tow it to the customer's premises, then drive it into position from the platform, like a standard self-propelled machine.

Snorkel A38E electric articulated boom lift

Unique to the US market, the Snorkel A38E is 100% battery-powered, meaning it is zero emission at the point of use. This quiet and clean boom lift has superb battery life and class-leading maneuverability.

Snorkel SPM20 self-propelled mast lift

Low cost, compact mast lift with 20ft platform height. Skid steer, simple controls and weighs less than 1,900lbs. Enhanced design for 2011 includes a sequencing wire rope system for smoother elevation and descent.

Snorkel PAM series push-around mast lifts

Low cost, entry-level push-around mast lifts with 21ft and 26ft platform height. Quick and easy to set up, PAM series lifts fit through a standard doorway and have an easy-tilt device for loading on pick-up trucks. New design features for 2011 include improved outrigger interlocks to prevent misuse and better mast stability.

Snorkel UL series push-around mast lifts (UL25, UL32, UL40)

With platform heights of 25ft, 32ft and 40ft, the unique mast design of the UL series delivers superb platform stability. Lightweight for working on floors with sensitive load bearings, the UL series are easy to push around, simple to set up and fit through a standard doorway. All UL lifts have an easy-tilt device for loading on pick-up trucks.

Snorkel MB series self-propelled mast boom lifts (MB20, MB26)

Designed for working in the narrow aisles of retail outlets, the MB series combines an ultra-narrow chassis with versatile "up and over" outreach capabilities. The lifts achieve maximum platform heights of 19ft 8in and 26ft, with 475lbs platform capacity.

Snorkel TL series towable boom lifts (TL34, TL37J, TL39, TL49J)

Snorkel's TL series are very cost-competitive, well-specified, towable boom lifts. Live hydraulic controls mean they are extremely easy and low-cost to maintain, while the all-steel boom is robust, durable and delivers great platform stability. Available in 34ft, 37ft, 39ft and 49ft platform heights.

Snorkel S series self-propelled scissor lifts

The new Snorkel S series electric slab scissors are built to deliver low total ownership costs. The industry-leading thickness of the steel chassis helps ensure a long and productive life, while the new control system provides for quick and easy troubleshooting. Available in platform heights of 19 feet, 19 feet lightweight, 26 feet, 26 feet lightweight and 32 feet.

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