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Multi Wedge Non-Marring Wedge Pry Tool SetLifting, Moving & Material Handling

Material Handling: Multi Wedge Non-Marring Wedge Pry Tool Set

Multi Wedge pry tool sets from Southwestern manufacturing come in two styles, orange for softer materials and black for tougher materials like hardwoods. This amazing new Pry Tool set replaces damaging screwdrivers which are not intended for use as prying tools because they always cause marring and nicks. 

Multi Wedge tool sets are strong but gentle for all types of surfaces.(Wood, Rubber, Plastic, Glass, Soft Metals) The tools have very thin tips allowing the user to get into tiny gaps, great for trim and baseboard removal, even panels or moldings, or disassembly of furniture for restoration, a must for every toolbox.

Multi Wedges received a 96% approval rating from over 400 Handy Magazine, DIYers and professionals.

The tool sets are made of 2 different materials recognized by the 2 colors Orange and Black.
Multi Wedge's Orange wedges are made of a high tech blended polyethelene material which is very
flexible with a softer slick surface critical when prying apart custom trim and molding.

Multi Wedge's Black wedges are made of a high tech blended polycarbonate material, they are
designed to handle the excessive force necessary for tougher applications, or for example prying

Tool Features:

  • Super-fine tip
  • Built-in handle and striking surface
  • Slick surface
  • 7" long
  • 2 materials for soft and hard applications

Available in Orange set (3 pcs) Black set (3 pcs) or Both Sets (6pcs).

For more information, contact Robert Cameron, Southwestern Manufacturing, 888-718-5645 (949) 400-3084; E-mail:

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