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Southwire MAX PUNCH XD Knockout ToolCable Installation

Southwire MAX PUNCH XD Knockout Tool

Southwire Tools & Equipment, an industry leader in professional contractor equipment, announces the introduction of the MAX PUNCH XD Knockout Tool, a heavy duty, drill-operated knockout tool.

“The MAX PUNCH XD Knockout Tool is designed for safety and convenience,” said Tanner Hansen, product specialist. “By allowing you to use your own drill, you don’t have to keep track of an extra charger or battery pack. The tool’s design also helps eliminate the potential safety issues associated with hydraulic pumps and hoses. So, you can set up your punch and go.”

The MAX PUNCH XD Knockout Tool is used with an 18V cordless drill to deliver a quick, accurate knockout. A benefit of this design is the tool’s ability to deliver consistent results without the typical mess of a hydraulic platform. Its precision gear train delivers fast knockouts up to four inches in 10-gauge stainless steel, all while using Southwire’s three point dies for clean, smooth cuts.

Providing a field-serviceable tool, the MAX PUNCH XD Knockout Tool features a two-piece draw stud and replaceable chuck adapter, virtually eliminating the need to send the tool in for repair. The design of this heavy duty knockout tool allows the consumer to use most industry standard knockout dies, providing financial savings.

“Southwire is proud to lead this product category with innovation, providing solutions to hole making applications,” said Hansen. Southwire has a proven history of designing, manufacturing and distributing a wide range of tools and equipment, made with the professional electrician in mind. Southwire now extends its legacy with the MAX PUNCH XD Knockout Tool, setting the contractor up for safety and productivity.

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