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Sunex 7708 Car Dolly SetLifting, Moving & Material Handling

Sunex 7708 Car Dolly Set

The Sunex model 7708 Car Dolly Set enables one person to safely lift and move cars and trucks with tires up to 12.8 inches wide.

Each dolly opens up to a wide 24 inches and has an oversized diamond plate pedal that protects users from stubbing their toes on vehicle wheels.

The lifting jack's unique ratcheting mechanism is maintenance free and lighter in weight than other dollies.

Each model 7708 dolly has a 1,500-pound capacity, which makes a set capable of moving virtually any passenger car, truck or SUV. 

Outboard locking casters keep users safe and vehicles secure, and an integrated carrying handle provides convenient portability.

Sunex 7708 car dollies (also shown) are available in sets of four and an optional dolly holder (model 7709) is also available to keep them neatly organized and mobile.