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Adhesives & Sealants: TYTAN Outdoor & Landscape High Yield Adhesive

New TYTAN Outdoor & Landscape High Yield Adhesive from Selena USA makes bonding and sealing landscape block wall-top caps fast and easy. It features a revolutionary polyurethane collapsing gel adhesive technology that provides superior yield, strength and gap-filling properties compared to leading traditional landscape adhesives.

“TYTAN Outdoor & Landscape Adhesive utilizes polyurethane technology because polyurethane has proven to withstand extreme movements, traffic, and weathering without losing adhesion,” said Ryan Knox, marketing manager for Selena USA.

“It is naturally water resistant, extremely strong, and benefits from wet blocks due to the moisture curing properties of polyurethane. It is so strong that it can withstand the vibration and drilling when a fence post is attached to the top cap. In short, it is the perfect solution for securing the top cap on a retaining wall.”

This new adhesive dispenses like a foam, but collapses into a gel, and then re-expands to fill gaps. This is an important benefit, as water pooling between blocks in a retaining wall can cause considerable damage. But, to prevent this from happening, TYTAN’s unique collapsing gel technology re-expands to fill gaps and prevent water pooling between blocks.

It is polyurethane, so it is moisture-resistant and won’t break down during extreme weather conditions. For best protection, apply a ½” bead along the front and back of the block, and to prevent unwanted adhesive exposure be sure to dispense it at least 1” in from the outside of the block. (Note: retaining walls must be well-vented so moisture and gases can escape. Adhering and sealing every block could prevent proper ventilation and harm the integrity of the wall.)

Because of its “high yield” formulation, one 12 oz can replaces one case of traditional 10 oz landscape block adhesive. When used per the instructions, one can has the capacity of 90 linear feet. Therefore, one can replaces approximately 12 10 oz traditional adhesive cartridges.

TYTAN Outdoor & Landscape High Yield Adhesive is black in color to blend in with its surroundings and to reduce the effects of UV radiation. It also features an easy-to-use straw applicator that reduces installation time and strain on the user’s body. It is solvent free and may be used in as low as 23F, which rivals any traditional adhesive, but is easier than traditional caulk adhesive to dispense in cold weather.

TYTAN Outdoor & Landscape High Yield Adhesive can be used with brick, ceramic, concrete block, masonry materials, metal and wood materials. TYTAN is trusted around the world because they care about creating better building performance and listening to the users. TYTAN spends extra time listening and learning from installers so every TYTAN product is a product installers can trust with their reputation.

TYTAN Outdoor & Landscape High Yield Adhesive is part of a full line of TYTAN’s new High Yield Adhesives. If you are interested in more information about TYTAN High Yield Adhesives or would like to see how they “stack up” against the competition, please visit the “Test TYTAN” tab at, and check out the High Yield Adhesive website at

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