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The Outlaw Deck ScrewThreaded Fasteners & Rod

Threaded Fasteners: The Outlaw Deck Screw

The Outlaw Deck Screw is powered by the most technologically advanced drive system ever introduced in the fastener industry. A drive system that effectively solves all of the open issues in the industry related to stripped screws, dropped screws and the need for multiple driving bits for a range of screw sizes.

This drive system, UniGrip, combined with a killer “no-jacking” thread design, corrosion resistant coating, self-drilling tip and self-counter sinking head makes this screw "The World’s Best Deck Screw."

When using currently available screwdrivers including Slot, Phillips, and Torx, you’ll be met with several issues and inefficiencies. The Outlaw Deck Screw powered by the UniGrip Drive System simplifies the process of screwing and solves the problems below.

  • No More Stripped Screws.You can leave the pliers in the truck. You won’t need them to back out the screws you strip. No stripping = No Need for Pliers.
  • No More Dropped Screws — Just stick the screw on the bit and pull the trigger. No more need to use a second hand to hold the screw on the bit or pick it up off of the floor.
  • No More Screw Wobble — Screw into the exact spot you choose, not “somewhere” close.
  • No More Deck Board Jacking — You don’t have to stand or try to hold the deck board down as the screw begins to tighten to keep it from lifting up or “jacking.”
  • No More Bit Changes — The revolutionary UniGrip drive eliminates the need for multiple size drive bits. One bit for all, and they last up to 100X times longer than a Philips bit. No Stripping = Longer Bit Life.
  • No More Pilot Holes — You can leave your drill bit in the truck. The Outlaw Deck Screw has a built in drill bit on its tip. Point, shoot and enjoy.
  • No More Hole Splinters — The head is designed so it self-counter sinks and lessens the fraying of the wood at the insertion point.
  • No More Blown Gaskets — The Outlaw Deck Screw will save you time, keep your rage in check, and allow you to finish your projects quicker. Less Frustration = Happiness by Screwing.
  • HoldTight Tech — The UniGrip bit holds the screw without the use of magnets, which allows a user to drive a screw using only one hand. With UniGrip the screw does not wobble or fall off of the bit, which saves the user time and the frustration of having to bend over and pick up a screw that fell off of the bit. This feature works on any type of material from stainless to steel to aluminum to plastic.
  • One Drive for All — The UniGrip drive system only requires the use of one bit for all screw sizes from 5/64”-1/2” and metric sizes M2-M12. Most construction jobs or home projects require that you use multiple lengths and sizes of screws, which typically requires the use of multiple driving bits. For example, deck screws using the Torx drive require one Torx driver for a 2” deck screw and a completely different Torx driver for a 2.5” deck screw.
  • Eighteen Driving Points — The UniGrip drive employs up to 18 points of contact between the screw head and the bit. With this feature, “camout” or “stripping” of the screw head is virtually eliminated and the multiple contact points create the highest torque to driver ratio in the world. Other drive systems, such as the Philips drive, are very prone to stripping and have infuriated many of their users.
  • Coated or Stainless Steel — The Outlaw Deck Screw is available in coated steel or stainless steel. These both make the Outlaw Screw compatible with ACQ treated lumber.
  • Self-Drilling Screw Tip — The Type 17 cutting head allows the screw to be used without having to drill a pilot hole. The screw starts drilling into the wood with precision and saves time and aggravation.
  • BoardLock Technology — The Outlaw Deck Screws have the new “DeckLock” technology featuring optimized thread length and a special ribbed thread located right above the screw thread. These high performance threads utilize 1/2 the length of the screw versus the traditional (and outdated) 2/3 of the screw length. The special ribbed thread feature cleans the deck board screw hole and allows the deck board to “lock” onto the joist without lifting. Combined, these two features create the “DeckLock” technology that is utilized on all Outlaw Deck Screws.
  • 1,000 Hour Salt Spray Test — The Outlaw Deck Screws have a special coating that provides the 1,000-hour salt spray test certification.
  • Self-Countersinking Screw Head — The Outlaw Deck Screws have special nibs on the underside of the screw head allowing the screw to “self-countersink” and not spin out, thereby avoiding deck splinters.

Outlaw Deck Screw Sizes
Initially, we plan to produce four sizes of both coated and stainless deck screws:

  • #8 x 1.5”
  • #8 x 2.0”
  • #9 x 2.5”
  • #9 x 3.0”

Kickstarter Program: To introduce Outlaw Deck Screws to the world, we will be launching a Kickstarter campaign on October 1st in an effort to raise enough funds to get these screws into production. Our $100,000 funding goals will cover the cost of producing one truckload (10,000 5lb boxes) of screws. The Kickstarter campaign will last from October 1st through October 30th.

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