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Lubes & Chemicals: Aervoe Industries Speed Galvanize

Aervoe Speed  Galvanize Aervoe Industries, Inc. has introduced Speed Galvanize to their line of galvanizing aerosol products.

Speed Galvanize is a cost effective zinc spray coating that imparts temporary zinc protection in the welding process from fabrication, to maintenance, and repair.

One coat will furnish short-term corrosion protection in pre-fabrication and the weld-through process including cut, drill, and spot-weld activity. 

May be used as a post process metallic primer plus protection for incomplete work. Multiple coats (3) will give you a dry-film thickness of about 1-mil of zinc for extended protection.

Speed Galvanize uses metallic zinc dust that is 97% pure and the dry film contains 93% zinc.

Providing a cost effective galvanizing product rounds out the Aervoe offering that includes Zinc Rich Galvanize (high solids compound for highly corrosive environments), Brite Galvanize (repairs hot-dip galvanizing), and Chrome Galvanize (restores hot-dip galvanizing).

Aervoe Industries, Inc. manufactures and markets industrial paints, specialty coatings, cleaners, lubricants, MRO chemicals, portable gas appliances, 12-volt appliances, self-powered illumination devices, and a wide range of safety products for home and industry.

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