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Other Products: Coxreels Heavy Duty Band Brake Accessory

Coxreels is pleased to introduce the Heavy-Duty Band Brake Accessory for the hand-crank and motorized hose reel lines.

The Heavy-Duty Band Brake is an upgraded brake option available on most A- Frame and all Hybrid-Frame Reels, including the 1125, 1175, 1185, and the 1600 Series reels.

The Heavy-Duty Band Brake increases available braking friction and extends the brake life, while simultaneously improving adjustability and ease of use. Brakes of all kinds are utilized to minimize free-spin or unwanted unloading of hose due to drum momentum when the operator stops unwinding the hose.

The Coxreels Heavy-Duty Band Brake features a composite friction brake material and a solid- steel drum.

Coxreels has remained steadfast and focused on manufacturing high quality, industrial grade hose, cord, and cable reels with leading industry innovation since 1923. Offering a full product line serving the industry in every channel and application, Coxreels takes great pride
in designing, building, and supporting each and every product made exclusively in the U.S.A.

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