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DEWALT Three Beam Spot Laser and Cross Line LaserLevels & Measurement

Professional Measurement: DEWALT Three Beam Spot Laser and Cross Line Laser

DEWALT introduces two new self-leveling professional Lasers in a rugged jobsite-tough design for precise leveling and point transfer applications.

The new Three Beam Spot Laser – model DW08301 and Cross Line Laser – model DW08801 – feature powerful laser diodes for exceptionally bright lines and point visibility at an approximate price of $99.99.

Both Lasers automatically self-level using an internal pendulum. If the angle of the tool exceeds 4 degrees from level, the laser will blink and an indicator will blink signaling it has exceeded the 4 degrees in which it is able to self-level.

The Lasers feature a locking pendulum so the internal components don’t bounce around risking potential damage when the lasers are not in use. To handle demanding job site conditions, both Lasers feature robust rubber over-molded designs and an IP54 water/debris resistance rating to help prevent moisture and dust from entering the laser.

The Three Beam Spot Laser projects three beams – up, down, and horizontal – providing three bright, self-leveling beams for accurate plumb and horizontal point transfer. This Laser provides a visible range of 100 feet and +/- 1/8 inch accuracy.

The Three Beam Spot Laser is ideal for point-plumb transfers from ceiling to floor, or across rooms wall to wall. This Laser is ideal for electricians or plumbers who need to run wire or pipe, transfer lines and reference points from ceilings to floors, or for framers who needs to run steel track or plumb studs for metal framing.

The 3 Beam Spot Laser will be available in October 2014 and will retail for approximately $99.99.

The Cross Line Laser offers leveling versatility with a wide variety of uses, providing a visible self-leveling line with a range of 50 feet and +/- 1/4 inch accuracy. The Cross Line Laser projects bright, crossing horizontal and vertical lines for various leveling and layout applications, providing two lines intersecting at 90 degrees.

The Cross Line Laser will be available in October 2014 and will retail for approximately $99.99.

Both Lasers are sold with AA batteries and feature an integrated 1/4" thread port for use with a tripod (sold separately). The Lasers include a 3-1-90 warranty – three year limited warranty, one year of free service, and a 90 day money back guarantee.