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DeWalt D36000 10 Inch High Capacity Wet Tile SawStationary Tools

DeWalt D36000 10 Inch High Capacity Wet Tile Saw

DEWALT announces the new 10-Inch High Capacity Wet Tile Saw (D36000). It’s a lightweight, accurate, and portable choice for cutting small and large-format tile used by tile setters, remodelers, and even landscapers.

The wet tile saw provides capacity for up to 37-in. rip cuts, as well as cutting 24-in. by 24-in. tile on a diagonal. It also offers 18-in. cutting clearance to the left of the blade and 8-1/2-in. cross cut capacity before the column.

At just 91lbs.*, it can be conveniently moved on and off the job. The stable, rubber-matted cutting cart provides consistent accuracy to within 1/32-in. over a 30-in rip cut.

This tile saw provides excellent water containment, allowing for set up in a finished space. Durable aluminum framing and stainless-steel rails are built to stand up to tough jobsite environments.

Additional features of the saw include nesting pans that allow for convenient carrying as well as accessory storage available underneath the pan for miter gauge and cart extensions. It also includes a strap to keep the pump in place during transit.

Compatible DEWALT products newly available in spring 2020** include the 33 ft. Laser Square (DW0802) which is great for tiling with its 3 integrated mounting pins. This durable laser offers IP54 debris/water resistance rating and has an aluminum base. Its two red beams achieve a 90-degree angle, great for a wide range of uses.

Available in spring 2020 where DEWALT products are sold, the 10-In. Wet Tile Saw will retail for $1,149 MSRP without a stand (D36000) and $1,199 MSRP with a stand (D36000S). The 33 ft. Laser Square (DW0802) will be available where DEWALT products are sold for $49.99 MSRP. Each product will come with a three-year limited, one-year free service contract, and 90-day money back guarantee.

*Included in weight: cart, motor arm, frame, pump, blade, blade wrench, hex key, main water pan, #4 rear water collector, and rear splash guard.