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Other Products: Donaldson Clean Diesel Kits

Donaldson Company, Inc., now offers three easy-to-install Clean Diesel Fuel Kits, each designed to capture and contain contaminants in a single, efficient pass, before it's pumped into a vehicle's fuel tank.

"On average, diesel fuel in North America is delivered over 1,000 times dirtier than what's recommended for modern diesel engines," said Scott Grossbauer, Global Manager of Clean Fuel and Lubricant Solutions at Donaldson Company.

"Plus, fuel and additive stability problems can bring a fleet to a standstill. The bottom line is: Contaminated fuel is expensive – both in maintenance costs and lost revenue. Our new Clean Diesel Fuel Kits are easy to install and ensure equipment owners keep running by dispensing the cleanest possible fuel into all of their equipment."

These three new kits are recommended for all diesel and biodiesel blends. They filter with unmatched efficiency and are designed to clean diesel fuel to meet an ISO 14/13/11 rating in a single pass.

Donaldson Clean Diesel Fuel Kits are easily installed on any system. The spin-on design makes filter changes quick and easy. And, the pressure gauge alerts you to when it's time to change the filter.