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Grabber Tie-Master and Lag-Master FastenersThreaded Fasteners & Rod

Grabber Tie-Master and Lag-Master Fasteners

With many different structural fasteners available on the market, it’s easy to understand how customers get confused about which fastener is the right one for the job. Grabber comes to the rescue with Tie-Master and Lag-Master, two code-compliant structural framing fasteners that can be used for nearly all wood-to-wood framing projects.

Simple to Select, Stock, and Use
Now widely available for retail distribution, Tie-Master and Lag-Master fasteners offer contractors, remodelers, and DIY builders a simpler way to find the fastener they need for each application.

Compared to other brands that proffer a confusing array of types and sizes of screws, Grabber helps builders accomplish all the same purposes with just two screws.

Tie-Master and Lag-Master provide an all-purpose solution for deck ledgers, stair stringers, LVL beams, cabinet installations, roof trusses, girders, and more. Customers simply choose the appropriate fastener length. Tie-Master and Lag-Master both feature a type-17 point which eliminates the need for pre-drilling.

Retailers can recommend each product’s ease of use and spend less time stocking and explaining complicated product variations.

Completely Code Compliant
Both Tie-Master and Lag-Master meet ICC-ES 3531 requirements for strength, shear, and pull- out values. Builders and homeowners can have full confidence in the strength and performance of these fasteners which are backed by the Grabber reputation and warranty to replace any defective fasteners.

Tie-Master is the ideal option for joining wood to wood when a smooth finish is desired. The flat head fastener design countersinks into wood for a professional, seamless appearance. Unlike carriage bolts that interrupt the surface with domed heads, Tie-Master screws lie beautifully flat.

Tie-Master is appropriate for finish boards, but also gives the strength required for stair stringer applications, attaching a deck to a home’s ledger, connecting rigid foam for insulation applications, and working with laminated beams, dimensional lumber, and heavy-duty framing work.

When attaching structural plates, hinge plates, or decorative metal pieces, Lag-Master offers the same fastening advantages as Tie-Master but with a hex head. Lag-Master also self-drills for quick installation. Its built-in collar eliminates the need for an additional washer.

Tie-Master and Lag-Master are available now from Grabber Construction Products. Grabber Construction Products is an international distributor of quality products for construction professionals. Grabber’s line includes premium fasteners and fastening systems for wood, metal and drywall applications in the commercial and residential construction markets. Grabber also distributes a wide range of proprietary tools, accessories, equipment, and building materials to the construction industry.

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