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Greenlee Intelli-PUNCH 11-Ton Battery-Hydraulic Knockout DriverHydraulics

Greenlee Intelli-PUNCH 11-Ton Battery-Hydraulic Knockout Driver

Greenlee Textron invented the knockout driver and continues to drive innovation in the industry.  With the launch of its new Intelli-PUNCH 11-ton Battery-Hydraulic Knockout Driver, Greenlee has introduced what it claims is the smartest, fastest, most reliable knockout driver ever built. 

Knockout users are gradually making the transition from manual to battery-powered solutions. The Intelli-PUNCH tool features patent-pending Auto-Retract technology that senses pressure to accurately detect punch completion and automatically retract the ram, preventing damage to punch parts. In addition, the Intelli-PUNCH tool lays claim to being the fastest knockout tool on the market with a maximum cycle time of eight seconds.

“Battery-powered tools typically offer increased speed and ease of use for most applications, but those tools still rely on the user to determine when the application is complete," said Rob Bentley, Greenlee Product Manager - Knockout & Power Tool Accessories. "This can create a challenge when doing knockouts because the ram will continue to advance as long as the trigger is activated or until it runs out of travel. Over-punching leads to damaged knockout parts and excessive wear on the tools. The Auto-Retract feature adds actual intelligence to the tool. Auto-Retract ensures the Intelli-PUNCH tool has released from the material, stops the tool before over-punching can occur and eliminates the need to manually retract the tool after every punch."

The Intelli-PUNCH tool delivers 11 tons of force, capable of punching up to 4-inch conduit-sized holes in 10 gauge mild or stainless steel and 6-inch conduit-sized holes in 14 gauge mild steel. The rugged, patent-pending swivel head rotates 360 degrees, allowing the user to punch at any angle and in tight spaces

Weighing only 6.1 pounds, the Intelli-PUNCH tool is also the lightest 11-ton knockout tool on the market. The compact, ergonomic design significantly reduces muscle exertion when compared to traditional knockout methods.

Compatible with all Greenlee knockouts, the Intelli-PUNCH tool is available in 12 different sets, offered with Slug-Buster knockout punches, Slug-Splitter knockout punches or the recently patented SPEED-PUNCH system.

For more information, visit or call 1-800-435-0786.