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Lock Jaw Ladder GripScaffolds & Ladders

Scaffolds & Ladders: Lock Jaw Ladder Grip

The Lock Jaw Ladder Grip is designed to secure ladders to guttering. It can be used on a wide range of single and extension ladders, can be used on either side of a ladder and assists in meeting workplace health & safety requirements. Two units can be used for greater stability and safety.

Lock Jaw Ladder Grip is a new and innovative product which assists in securing ladders to gutters. It is designed to increase the safety of persons who use ladders and assist in meeting increasingly strict legal requirements associated with ladder use.

Lock Jaw Ladder Grip contains an adjustable locking jaw allowing it to be secured to a range of different gutter types.

In addition, adjustment mechanisms allow the device to be utilised on a wide variety of single and extension ladders.

Once a ladder has been climbed, the Lock Jaw Ladder Grip can be clamped onto or removed from guttering in approximately 5 seconds.

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