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Drill Bits: Makita Impact Gold Bits and Sockets

Makita's new Impact GOLD new line of insert bits, bit holders, double-ended power bits, nutsetters, sockets, and socket adapters is designed exclusively for high-torque impact drivers.

“Insert bits are clearly lagging behind the increased fastening power of high torque impact drivers, and the result is more broken bits and more wasted time for contractors,” said Brandon Stover, Makita Product Manager, Accessories. “Makita has delivered a solution with new technology that revolutionizes fastening applications with up to 10-times longer bit life and superior fitment to prevent ‘cam-out’ and stripped screws. Impact GOLD™ is the new gold standard in impact driving.”

High-Quality Steel, Xtreme Torsion Technology

Impact GOLD begins with high-quality steel engineered for use with impact drivers. To help withstand the increased impact energy of the most demanding applications, Impact GOLD features Xtreme Torsion Technology, which allows the torsion section of the bit to flex under load and help the insert bit withstand high-torque fastening applications, retain its shape and “fitment”, and last up to 10-times longer than standard bits – and up to 15-times longer when used with an Impact GOLD Torsion Insert Bit Holder.

Precision-Fit Tip Minimizes “Cam-Out” and Stripping

In fastening, accurate “fitment” is achieved when the bit fully engages the screw with equal contact on all surfaces, resulting in no gaps and a precision fit that prevents “cam-out” and stripping. Insert bit “fitment” can be determined by pressing the bit into the screw head and measuring the movement side to side: the more movement, the worse the fitment.

Another indicator of poor fitment is “wobble” during rotation, a clear indicator of off-center alignment and uneven fitment that can result increased “cam-outs” and stripped screws. Makita Impact GOLD bits are subject to a rigorous five-stage manufacturing process which includes a correction stage engineered to deliver consistent and superior fitment, bit after bit.

Rigorous Five-Step Manufacturing Process

The manufacturing of Makita Impact GOLD bits begins with high-quality steel engineered for use with impact drivers. What follows is a rigorous five-stage manufacturing process that is unmatched in the category:

  • High quality steel engineered for impact drivers
  • Machining
  • Automatic Temperature Control Hardening
  • Each bit is corrected after machining with proprietary burr removal and cleaner edges for consistent fitment
  • Each bit is then finished with a proprietary gold coating

Impact GOLD Insert Bits and Double-Ended Power Bits

Impact GOLD™ Insert Bits begin with high-quality steel engineered for use with impact drivers. Xtreme Torsion Technology helps the bit withstand high-torque fastening applications, and the rigorous 5-step manufacturing process delivers superior “fitment”, bit after bit. Impact GOLD Insert Bits last up to 10-times longer than standard bits, and up to 15-times longer when used with an Impact GOLD Torsion Insert Bit Holder.

Power bits allow the user to insert the bit directly into the impact driver without the need for an insert bit holder. Impact GOLD Double-Ended Power Bits* give the user this same convenience, but with the added benefit of having two tips on one bit. At less than twice the cost of a single power bit, the Impact GOLD Double-Ended Power Bit user gets twice the number of bit tips, in addition to the Impact GOLD durability and “fitment” features.

Impact GOLD Torsion Bit Holders

Makita Impact GOLD also offers two bit holders for increased versatility and durability. Both feature high-quality steel construction engineered for use with impact drivers, as well as Xtreme Torsion Technology and a two-piece design engineered to allow the torsion technology to fully activate.

The Impact GOLD Ultra-Magnetic Torsion Bit Holder features a rare earth Neodymium magnet with twice the magnetic strength of a standard magnet, so end users get the added benefit of one-handed fastening. This feature makes the Ultra-Magnetic Torsion Bit Holder ideal for overhead applications or work in tight spaces.

Impact GOLD No-Debris Grip-It Nutsetters

Market research indicates that nutsetters have undergone little change in the past 20 years, and the category is crowded with standard magnetic nutsetters that are designed to hold the fastener in place. But the magnet also captures metal debris, an inevitable byproduct from driving screws into metal materials that is difficult to remove. Eventually the magnetic nutsetter becomes so jammed with metal debris that it is rendered useless. Impact GOLD No Debris Grip-It Nutsetters deliver a solution with a non-magnetic snap-ring that holds the fastener securely in place without collecting unwanted metal debris.

Impact GOLD Socket Adapters and Socket Set

The new 3/8” square drive socket set is machined from heat-treated alloy steel for Xtreme Torque Applications, including fastening applications by contractors and automotive technicians, with a black oxide finish for longer socket life. The 9-piece set includes an Impact GOLD 3/8” Square Drive Socket Adapter, which is machined from high-quality steel engineered for use with impact drivers, and tilts up to 15 degrees for work in tight areas.

“The Impact GOLD Socket Adapter is a welcome innovation for contractors working in tight spaces,” said Stover. “Contractors have been relying on 2-piece U-Joint sets, but Impact GOLD offers a single adapter for sockets that delivers a solution for fastening metal frames, automotive components, and more.”