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Reelcraft Reelsafe RS7000 Reels

The new REELSAFE® Series RS7000 is an expansion of the rugged design that set the industry standard. With safety at the forefront, REELSAFE® pays out like a traditional reel, though it is specifically engineered to retract the hose at an average walking speed.

The centrifugal clutch, integral to the reel base, greatly decelerates the hose retraction speed by up to 83% vs. a Series 7000 reel.

  • Retracts at 2 miles per hour – designed to match the average human walking speed of 2 to 3 miles per hour
  • Integral clutch creates a consistent retraction speed regardless of fluid or environmental temperatures
  • Safely protects personnel and equipment
  • Requires no field adjustment
  • Thru-shaft fluid path eliminates hose interference during reel rotation
  • 7 position hose guide arm for multiple mounting configurations
  • Reel dimensions and mounting pattern identical to the Series 7000
  • Made in USA