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Spectra Precision LT20 Crossline LaserLevels & Measurement

Professional Measurement: Spectra Precision LT20 Crossline Laser

Trimble introduces the Spectra Precision LT20 Crossline Laser Tool. The LT20 is an easy-to-use, automatic self-leveling laser tool that projects ultra-bright horizontal and vertical lines. The highly versatile laser tool can replace a level, square, plumb bob, chalk and optical instrument for increased accuracy and faster completion on the interior construction jobsite.

The LT20 Crossline Laser Tool includes a durable housing with generous overmold to withstand the rigors of the professional construction environment. With its rugged design, the LT20 can survive a drop of up to 3 feet on concrete.

The laser tool is used in a wide variety of interior applications including wall layout, acoustic ceiling installation, drywall track installation, cabinet installation, finish carpentry and vertical plumb and alignment. The laser beam uses a wide fan angle for maximum coverage.

The Spectra Precision LT20 includes a versatile accessory that allows for mounting on tripods, columns studs or poles. The mount has vertical height adjustment and horizontal rotation capability for maximum range and quick setups.