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Zircon x85 OneStep Radiant Heating MultiScannerLevels & Measurement

Professional Measurement: Zircon x85 OneStep Radiant Heating MultiScanner

Zircon Corporation announces the second of four X-class series of scanners, the MultiScanner x85 OneStep.Zircon Corporation announces the second of four X-class series of scanners, the MultiScanner x85 OneStep. The x85 features the new X-class series technology — a major advance in the reduction of detection errors related to external factors–a cost saving benefit for a variety of construction, building, and remodeling projects.

First of its kind, the MultiScanner x85 multifunction scanner thermally detects actively powered hydronic radiant heating to scan for Pex tubing to help prevent costly damage to flooring, ceilings, and walls. In thermal mode, the x85 scans for elevated temperature readings, even subtle changes, directly above the heat source.

By using the x85 prior to drilling, cutting, or fastening, tool users can avoid penetrating into hydronic radiant floor heating systems, saving thousands of dollars in damage, expensive repairs, and idle construction work time.

The contractor-grade x85 uses patented active and capacitive techniques during the calibration process to minimize detection mistakes and toggles between thermal, AC, and stud modes to additionally scan for live AC wiring and find wood and metal studs.

With a simple push of a button, the user is able to accurately scan and digitally view the center of a target, up to two inches deep.

“The MultiScanner x85 OneStep encompasses revolutionary technology in the construction scanner category,” stated Zircon president John Stauss. “Unprecedented in one tool, the x85 accurately locates long sought after Pex tubing and also detects live, unshielded wiring and wood and metal studs-solving a wide range of industrial, commercial, and DIY problems. The x85 signifies one of the industry’s largest technological advances ever made.”