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Professional Measurement: Sokkia DX Total Stations

Sokkia announces the new DX total station series employing DirectAiming technology, which uses an auto collimation feature that seeks out prisms even in dim or dark conditions.

Denny Welch, senior vice president for the surveying business unit, said, “The DX series incorporates reliable security, asset tracking, remote diagnostics and field support with TSshield. The DX series of total stations introduces quick collimation that utilizes intelligent algorithms that automatically searches for the center of the target, regardless of lighting or job site conditions."

"Maintaining consistent collimation accuracy and speed, due to the advanced technology, is extremely easy to learn and operate regardless of operator skill level. And, using a data collector, you can use the DX for a one-man surveying operation.”

The DX also is loaded with MAGNET onboard application software and long-range data communications technology, which provides wireless connection with data terminal at the prism side for up to 300m (984 feet). The total stations also have a “fast and powerful EDM (electromagnetic distance measurement) ability up to 1,000m (3,280 feet) with a small spot size,” he said.

The DX total station can also attain accurate measurements in less than a second.

Other features of the DX series include:

  • TSshield advanced security and maintenance software.
  • Independent Angle Calibration System allows instrument to calibrate its own angle measurement.
  • Easy topo, stakeout, scan operations.
  • Graphical, color touch screen.
  • RED-tech laser technology for locating a target in dark conditions.
  • Green/red telescope guide lights effective to 150m.
  • IP65 environmental rating.
  • Long battery life (five hours).