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Diamond Equipment: Bosch Standard Line Diamond Blades

With extensive user feedback and advanced expertise in combining metal powders with diamond formulations, Bosch created its new Standard Line diamond blades that deliver great performance and speed in applications that include cutting hard concrete, green concrete, tile and general purpose masonry.

This expansive collection of blades (from 4 inches to 14 inches) includes segmented rim, turbo rim and continuous rim products for large and small angle grinders plus high-speed saws. The new line incorporates 27 skus.

"These new blades offer a great price-to-performance ratio for a variety of construction jobs," said Matt Van, product manager, diamond blades and bonded abrasives, Bosch. "This group of blades is built to meet the needs of general contractors looking for solid performance in specific materials. Standard Line blades are built to perform well in tough stop-and-go cutting found on every jobsite."

Bosch Standard Line diamond blades start with a formulation that emphasizes consistent diamond content and even distribution. A hardened and tensioned steel core provides rigidity and stability during cutting; cooling holes are designed to extend the life of the blade and enhance user comfort. Bosch engineers have developed this custom combination of metals and industrial-grade diamonds to produce blades for specific concrete and masonry cutting applications.

The Bosch diamond blade lineup includes the existing premium line, which offers three times the life versus traditional diamond blades.

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