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Klindex Superconcrete HS Polishing SystemDiamond Equipment

Diamond Equipment: Klindex Superconcrete HS Polishing System

The Klindex Superconcrete HS Polishing System is the quickest and easiest way to transform any smooth or hard steel trowel surface into an aesthetically pleasing, durable and stain resistant surface that looks like a mirror and is as strong as iron. New King Conc Diamond Impregnated Floor Pads make achieving a glossy concrete floor easier than ever.


  1. Increases the strength of concrete floors
  2. Helps control dust
  3. Scratch and wear resistant
  4. Stain resistant and water repellent
  5. Extremely economical for commercial and industrial areas
  6. Low maintenance
  7. Environmentally friendly
  8. Green flooring choice V.O.C FREE
  9. Allows floors to breathe to prevent spalling
  10. Extremely long lasting when compared to original methods like resin floors


  • Warehouses
  • Logistics centers
  • Parkades
  • Commercial and office facilities
  • Production factories


  1. Floor must be clean and dry.
  2. Make first pass with KING CONC 00 using HURRIKANE on low rpm. This will allow floor to become smooth and remove any undesired marks and surface roughness.
  3. Apply BETON GUARD PRIMER diluted 1 / 10 with water and apply with a low pressure sprayer and distribute evenly with micro fibre cloth.
  4. Allow BETON GUARD PRIMER to dry evenly (see data sheet) and apply second coat.
  5. Polish with KING CONC pads numbered 2/3 with HURRIKANE on high rpm.

If higher gloss is required apply BETON GUARD FINISH and allow to dry evenly. Pass over with HURRIKANE and DISCOLUX at high speed.

Wash floor with BETON SOAP to maintain protection and to keep the floor looking like new. If required pass high speed burnisher with DISCOLUX to remove surface scuffs and to repristine the shine.