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Diamonds: Bosch V-Groove Diamond Blades

Concrete crack and fissure repair requires both precision and speed to achieve like-new restoration results. And that's what Bosch says its V-Groove diamond blades offer: An optimized diamond formula that delivers 2x speed of competitors' diamond blades for deep, clean grooves for strong, long-lasting concrete restoration.

The key to Bosch V-Groove technology is the optimized metal bond that offers product versatility to cut in hard, soft and normal concrete. In addition, the superior diamond-metal bond means fewer blade changes and greater efficiency on the jobsite.

"V-Groove technology is a big step forward for the industry in the important work of concrete restoration," said Matt Van, product manager, concrete accessories, Bosch. "Bosch is the leader in diamond accessories for concrete applications. We take that position seriously and it drives us to look for solutions that go beyond just meeting the need. Our goal is development of superior solutions and V-Groove meets that standard."

Stronger material bonding makes for a blade that lasts longer in tough applications, which saves money and time on the jobsite.

A 7/8" bore hole fits standard angle grinders, both large and small, so V-Groove blades don't require specialized equipment.

Typical users include concrete contractors, flooring contractors, masons, tuckpointers, painters working on surface preparation and dedicated concrete restoration professionals.

To learn more about the Bosch V-Groove diamond blades or to find a local dealer call 877-BOSCH-99. Check out for additional construction tips and videos.