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Other Products: Bullet Tools Shear Maintenance Kit

This value-added product provides a $28-$96 savings along with a 1-year extended warranty on any new or active Bullet Tools shear warranty.

Designed to provide insurance against down time and lost income from damaged blades and maintenance issues, Bullet Tools now offers a Shear Maintenance Kit as a companion product for its flooring and siding shears to ensure job site efficiency and consistent work flow.

Bullet Tools, an innovative US manufacturing company with a global reputation for developing construction industry cutting and installation solutions for flooring, siding and insulation, now carries a Shear Maintenance Kit (SMK) for each of its flooring and siding cutters.

This complete SMK includes a bonus 1-year extended warranty on any new or active Bullet Tools shear warranty. In addition, each kit includes a premium replacement blade, Slick Shot lubrication, a hone stone, bearing grease and a Blade Stop Replacement for those shears with blade stops.

According to Ben Toews, President & CEO of Bullet Tools, the SMK is a valuable product intended to improve the lives and livelihoods of tradesmen across the globe.

"Contractors tell us it's frustrating and costly when they accidentally hit a nail or damage a blade and have to stop work to contact us for a replacement," explained Toews. "Now they can purchase a Shear Maintenance Kit from their local dealer or retailer and safeguard against lost income while maintaining their shear for life-long use."

In addition to the replacement blade, the kits' maintenance products will help extend the life of their Bullet shear when used consistently and properly. According to Toews a blade can last up to 15,000 cuts when a hone stone is consistently and properly used.

"Proper use of the hone stone means running it along the flat side of the blade to remove burs and imperfections that may come up through normal shear use," explained Toews.

The Shear Maintenance Kits are available at Bullet Tools distributor and retail locations as well as online outlets. The SMK Distributor Program provides an ideal ad-on sales opportunity and a spiff program for retail sales associates. Distributors may contact for more information.

Based in Hayden, Idaho, Bullet Tools is a US manufacturer of innovative, cutting-edge installation solutions designed to improve the lives and livelihoods of tradesman across the globe. The company began in 1998 with a simple idea born of necessity by a longtime flooring installer, Dalen Gunn, who decided there had to be a better way to cut flooring and launched the MAGNUM Shear.

With a commitment to improving installation efficiency and safety, Bullet Tools has grown into a world leader in flooring, siding and insulation cutting solutions that improve job site safety and save contractors time and money. Learn more at