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Freud Track Saw Blades for Festool and OthersBlades

Blades: Freud Track Saw Blades for Festool and Others

Freud America, Inc. is pleased to introduce a new blade series ideal for Festool and other Track Saws. This new blade series is the FIRST and ONLY one for a Festool Saw with anti-vibration design for smoother, quieter cuts to deliver a better quality finish and longer life. Now, woodworkers will have a high-quality blade to realize the full potential of the Festool Saw.

Freud offers four blades with a160mm diameter and a 20mm arbor; each is designed to provide excellent track saw performance, features include:

  • Exclusive TiCo Hi-Density Carbide delivers ultimate blade life. Unique TiCo carbide blends composed of sub-micron particles mean the tips stay sharp longer. Plus they have the ability for extra resharpenings for the longest possible return on investment.
  • Unique Tooth Geometry - Freud's new 48T plywood, melamine and finish blade is the only blade for the Festool saw featuring a Hi-ATB design. This premium grind produces incredibly clean cuts on both sides of fine veneer plywood or melamine panels, even without a splinter guard in place!
  • Anti-Vibration Design virtually eliminates the sideways movement of the blade in the cut, extending cut life and keeping cut smooth and true.
  • Thin kerf design reduces waste, feeds easily, and is ideal for underpowered saws.
  • Perma-Shield Coating prevents build up on the blade surface and keeps the blade running cooler and cleaner.

For more information, visit or contact customer service at phone: 800-472-7307 and email:


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