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Blades: Bosch OSC114C Carbide Tip Multi-Tool Blade

In tough applications where blade change is more than just a hassle, the Bosch carbide tip multi-tool blade offers the unbeatable combination of speed, precision and long life. And that's really long life - 30 times* longer use for the carbide blade versus a conventional bi-metal option in metal; it's the longest-lasting blade for metal cutting available.

"The carbide tip makes this blade a real advantage for someone who can't change the blade all the time. It's particularly important for applications in electrical installation and plumbing," said Luca Pugina, group product manager for oscillating tool blades, Bosch-North America, accessories. "It allows the user to easily cut pipes and screws in a small space where a reciprocating saw can't reach."

The OSC114C (OSC114C-2 for two pack) carbide tip blade can cut both metal and wood, including harsh applications like fiber board, cement board, plaster and lathe, ceramic tile, nails, bolts, screws, sheet metal, copper pipe, cast iron and hardwoods.

The 1-1/4 inch blade width helps the user speed through long cuts. The carbide tip is welded to a high-carbon steel body through a proprietary process; Bosch is the world leader in carbide welding technology.

The Bosch carbide tip blade features the benefits of a thicker interface bracket (1.25mm of steel versus 1mm for a conventional blade), which reduces vibration. The blade also is tapered for even more vibration control and more efficient debris removal.

The Bosch carbide tip multi-tool blade offers the advantages of Bosch's Oscillating Interface System (OIS). OIS maintains the 12-pin structure of the company's first multi-tool interface, but can be used on every professional brand of multi-tool.

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