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M.K. Morse Metal Devil CL Blades for Cordless SawsBlades

Blades: M.K. Morse Metal Devil CL Blades for Cordless Saws

The M. K. Morse Company introduces the Metal Devil CL metal cutting circular saw blades for cordless circular saws (CL). The new Metal Devil CL blades take the highly popular Metal Devil brand to the next step in metal cutting.

The new offering will include (6) new metal cutting blades for 6-1/2” 165mm saws. Metal Devil CL blades will provide the cutting solutions for steel, aluminum and stainless applications.

Cutting technology developed by Morse’s R&D team provides significant advancements in the use of carbide grades, carbide tooth geometries and plate design.

Metal Devil CL rake angles and tooth geometries have been fully optimized for each blade application. The results are fast smooth cuts, less vibration and extended number of cuts per battery charge.