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Grabber V23 Vector Screws for Light-Gauge MetalThreaded Fasteners & Rod

Threaded Fasteners: Grabber V23 Vector Screws for Light-Gauge Metal

Grabber Construction Products has developed a new metal framing fastener for light-gauge metal construction. Called 23V, the Vector screw is extremely fast into 25-gauge metal and can be used effectively up to 20-gauge.

Grabber’s new Vector framing screw continues a long tradition of innovation in fastening and fastening systems including Grabber’s LOX recess, Scavenger head drywall screws, and Streaker screws, which feature a unique twin-lead thread design and 23° point that effectively halve the drive time into light-gauge steel.

Grabber’s new Vector screw again significantly reduces drive time and increases productivity with its much sharper and steeper-angled point compared to traditional framing fasteners. Independent testing has demonstrated that Vector point screws drive up to eight times faster than IFI SAE J78 fastener penetration standards and 50% faster than competing fasteners. In a drive comparison with standard framing fasteners, the Vector performed considerably better across the board in multiple drive test comparisons.