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Generators: Honda EB2000i Generator

Honda Power Equipment introduces the EB2000i, an all-new 2000 watt portable generator equipped with a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) to meet the Electrical Test Lab requirements for the City of Los Angeles.

Based on the extremely popular consumer EU2000i generator model, the new EB2000i maintains key performance attributes of the EU series unit while adding a 120V/20A GFCI receptacle, which provides greater flexibility for most work site applications.

Similar to the EU2000i, the new EB2000i offers inverter power with a maximum output of 2,000 watts with Honda’s fuel-efficient Eco-Throttle. The Eco Throttle feature allows the generator to conserve fuel by varying engine rpm to produce only the power required to operate the equipment, improving fuel economy.

Additionally, the EB2000i can operate from four to nine hours without the need for refueling, allowing the potential for working all day without interruption.

Also like the EU2000i, the new EB2000i incorporates Honda inverter technology, designed to power computers and sensitive electronic equipment that demand consistent electrical current with a stable sine wave or signal. This feature could drastically reduce or eliminate costly work site down time by averting interruptions and damage to sensitive equipment.

In addition, inverter technology substantially reduces weight and noise. By eliminating the standard alternator, the Honda inverter models weigh 50 percent less and are one-third smaller in size than traditional generators. The EB2000i is extremely portable and lightweight – able to be hand carried by construction and other industrial users within a variety of job sites while providing easy storage.

“The new GFCI feature of the EB2000i generator provides excellent versatility for the product to be used within a wide variety of industrial and construction applications,” said Mike Rudolph, assistant vice president, Honda Power Equipment. “As is the case with our award winning EU2000i, this new generator is a perfect solution for running and recharging work site tools and electronics that are essential to any job wherever AC power is not available. Further, the new generator illustrates how Honda is incorporating new technology into existing products to enhance the user experience.”

Super quiet operation, within the 53dB to 59dB range, makes the sound level of the EB2000i about the same as a normal conversation.

The EB2000i generator will be available nationally through Honda Power Equipment dealers in December in all 50 states and carries the industry-competitive Honda three-year warranty.