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Ideal NaviTEK II Network TesterLevels & Measurement

Professional Measurement: Ideal NaviTEK II Network Tester

NaviTEK II is an affordable, handheld network and cable verifier tester that makes troubleshooting LAN physical and network layers more efficient, thanks to features such as support for IPv6, 802.1X, Netscan and VLANs, and an advanced color LCD screen to view pin-by-pin wiremap to pinpoint faults, along with total distance and the distance to the fault.


Navigation through the tester's full capabilities is made simple with 5-way buttons and an intuitive set of icons. NaviTEK II has the ability to test both cabling and network performance using the same RJ45 interface, eliminating the need to disconnect the cable from the unit to switch between cable and network tests.