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Prebena 2X-CNH45 Coil NailerPower Nailers & Staplers

Power Nailers & Staplers: Prebena 2X-CNH45 Coil Nailer

Prebena introduces the 2X-CNH45 pneumatic coil nailer. Prebena introduces the 2X-CNH45 pneumatic nailer. The tool is suitable for coil nails type CNH from 25 – 45 mm (1“ – 1-3/4“) which are mainly used for fastening sheet metal roofs.

The other main application for the 2X-CNH45 is slate cladding, where slates can be fasteneed quickly and securely. No holes are needed in the slates. They can be shot directly to the material.

The Pneumatic Nailer 2X-CNH45 is delivered in a sturdy plastic case and has the following features and advantages:

  • Special tooling plate for ideal nailing - nails will be driven straight into the wood
  • Tool free depth control
  • Special nose with no-mar tip for accurate nailing
  • 360° adjustable exhaust
  • Safety device
  • Exhaust silencer
  • Ergonomic, rubbered handle grip

Plastic-collated nails guarantee residue-free productivity.

This tool can be used ideal in combination with the Prebena Pneumatic Mobilo for mobile and independent working on construction sites. The tool delivers up to 500 shots with one compressed air cylinder.