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Kreg Foreman Professional-Grade Pocket-Hole MachineStationary Tools

Stationary Tools: Kreg Foreman Professional-Grade Pocket-Hole Machine

The Foreman Professional-Grade Pocket-Hole Machine (Item# DB210) makes it possible for woodworkers, cabinet shops, contractors, and dedicated do-it-yourselfers to complete projects using Kreg pocket-hole joinery with twice the speed and half the effort of a standard pocket-hole jig. Plus, the new Foreman is built with the quality and features of its predecessor (Item# DB110), but costs less than half as much.

All types of users will immediately appreciate the great features the Foreman has to offer. With one pull of the handle, they can start the motor, clamp their workpiece, and drill perfect pocket holes. The adjustable fence positions the workpiece for precise pocket depth, and a pair of adjustable stops provide repeatable accuracy.

A powerful motor enables fast drilling, and a quick-change chuck allows for fast bit changes. Plus, the new Foreman is the first Kreg pocket-hole machine that can create all three types of Kreg pocket holes: Standard, Micro Pocket, and HD (Heavy Duty). The Foreman comes with the Standard bit. Micro and HD Bits are sold separately.

With one pull of the handle, users can start the motor, clamp their workpiece, and drill a pocket hole. The Foreman’s powerful motor drills with ease, and the quick-change chuck allows fast bit changes.

Other great features on the all-new Foreman include adjustable stops for repeatable accuracy, and a dust collection attachment.

The new Foreman comes with a standard Kreg stepped drill bit to get your customers started. Plus, it’s compatible with the Kreg Micro-Pocket to create compact pocket holes in thinner stock, and the Kreg HD (Heavy-Duty) for creating strong Kreg joints in 11⁄2"-thick stock.

The Foreman’s light but durable construction allows hassle-free tool transportation, making it perfect for use in the shop and on the go. A cast-aluminum tabletop offers ample work space, and the sturdy molded base has a built-in storage tray — the perfect place to store extra bits and accessories.

Key Features:

  • Single-step operation starts motor, clamps workpiece, and drills pocket holes
  • Creates all Kreg Joint™ sizes: Standard, Micro-Pocket™, and HD (Heavy Duty)
  • Works with material from 1⁄2"- to 11⁄2"-thick
  • Adjustable stops for repeatable accuracy
  • Powerful 110-volt, 5.0-amp, 2,800 RPM motor provides fast drilling
  • Quick-change chuck allows for fast bit changes
  • Durable polypropylene base creates a stable work area
  • Dust collection catches chips and dust while you work
  • Cast-aluminum tabletop provides ample work space (14" x 231⁄2")
  • Built-in storage tray holds extra bits and accessories
  • Lightweight (approx. 20 pounds)
  • Lockable handle for easy transport