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Other Products: Rockler JIG IT Deluxe Concealed Hinge Drilling System

Rockler Woodworking and Hardware has introduced a line of jigs and templates to simplify installation of Euro-style concealed hinges. The JIG IT Deluxe Concealed Hinge Drilling System allows users of almost any skill level to install concealed cabinet hinges with just a hand drill and a few specialty bits.

Whether updating cabinets or building new ones, precise hinge placement and installation are necessary for properly functioning cabinet doors. The sophisticated JIG IT system allows users who have only basic tools and skills to drill perfectly positioned, perpendicular holes of proper depth.

Without the JIG IT system, concealed hinge installation typically requires a drill press and is a tedious process which requires a larger skill set to complete.

"We've developed the JIG IT Concealed Hinge Drilling System to make hinge installation simple for anyone who owns a handheld power drill," says Steve Krohmer, Rockler's Vice President of Product Marketing.

The JIG IT Deluxe Concealed Hinge Drilling Jig features a 36'' aluminum rail and two hinge cup drilling guides that slide independently along the rail to the desired hinge locations, then lock in place for repeatability. The drilling guides show where to drill the hinge cup holes with a 35mm forstner bit. For large cabinet doors that require more than two hinge cups, single-cup Concealed Hinge Drilling Guides (58605, sold separately) are available to complete the line of hinge cups needed to install the door.

Once users have drilled the cup holes in their cabinet doors, the next step is to install the corresponding hinge mounting plates in the cabinet. Rockler offers seven different JIG IT Hinge Plate Templates that are each made to install a specific type of concealed hinge plate. The template needed for installation is based on the type of concealed hinge and whether the cabinet has a face frame or is frameless.

Each JIG IT Template features an acrylic drilling plate mounted on top of an edge guide which provides proper spacing from the edge of the frame. All the user has to do is drill the holes through the template with a self-centering drill bit, then install the hinge plate with screws.

Note: The JIG IT Hinge Plate Templates work with specific models of hinges and require a specific self-centering drill bit, sold separately.

The JIG IT Deluxe Concealed Hinge Drilling System (55266) is priced at $119.99. The JIG IT Hinge Plate Templates retail for $7.99 each. All jigs, bits, and accessories in the JIG IT system can be purchased at Rockler Woodworking and Hardware stores nation- wide,, or from the Rockler catalog. For store locations or a free catalog, please visit or call 1-877-ROCKLER.